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Sunday, October 25, 2009
7:27 PM

Nike run was good. But because we reached early and waited near to 20mins for the race to start, my bladder started getting heavy and no choice, I got to stop for the toilet at the first waterpoint station. And I must say, dont ever stop for toilet during a race. 1) Your timing for the race will be inaccurate 2) The toilet really STINK like hell. (Imagine, someone shitted in that toilet! and those mobile toilet don't even have flush. -_-)
I could have fainted. Not because of the race, but the smell. duhz.
Other than that, the race was much more easier than Sheares Bridge run. Not many up-slopes.

Rested and slept for few hours before we off for a short walk at Orchard Road. Before that, dear boy got to fill up his car tank thus we got to stop over at a petrol station, and because there's special promotion from SHELL, $1 for 1 litre only! (cheap man!). We waited 30mins for our turn to have the car's tank filled. So cheap, who don't mind queuing if you aren't rushing for time? Am I Right? hee.
Caltex, Esso, other petrol stations should have this promo as well.. hmm..


Finally make up my mind and know what to do for my next step (regarding my life, my career and future). I hope everything planned, will turn out well and I will not have dilemma anymore. :)

Tuesday! Please come faster so I can meet up with my 2 dear gfs for a chit-chatting session! I hope I wont OT on that day. Pui.

heart by XIU

Saturday, October 10, 2009
10:51 PM

Oh my.. my blog is becoming rusty and I realised that it has been 2 months without blogging.

Anyway, lots of things happened recently.. Especially, the "tremendous change" in my company. Haiz, its a real long story if I want to elaborate. Anyway, things kinda settled and now, everyone hopes that these changes will lead a better future.
Well well, for myself. Still the same old me. haha.
Met up with my gfs, dating with my bf, hot yoga with bf's sister, dinner with my parents, etc. Life still the same as before.. :)

However, I got a surprise from my dear boy recently. Which somehow changed our relationship status :)

Ok, shall blog soon.
Going off for supper with dear boy's friends @ JB!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009
10:17 AM

It's sooooooo unbelievableeeeee!!!
There's goes my hard-earned money...

Initially, I thought such a material do not need much care and even if it got stained, it will be easily removed? Sadly, it's totally not true.
Should I blame it to my carelessness or my new black cheapo top or whatever?

You know, it is such a heartache when the shop told me, this is the best they can do.

Now, I could only patiently wait for the reply from the other cleaning store. Hopefully, they've 'powderful' chemical to cure my bag.

You know, the sales person(one where I bought the bag from) even told me that the price of my bag has just increased. Now, should I be happy (means that there's value for my bag) or should I go bang my head onto the wall?

Value increased. So what?

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Thursday, July 23, 2009
10:14 AM

He got better and now, its my turn. Pui!
Having slightly itchy throat & itchy nose.
In order to get myself feeling better, I quickly drank Vitamin C last night before I slept and one more glass before coming to work today. And I just popped in 1 tablet of panadol + keep drinking water. Just 1 morning, I've already drank about 750ml of water. Hee.

I just don't want to get sick and gonna make my immune system stronger!!

Wish me luck uh!

heart by XIU

Monday, July 20, 2009
12:40 PM

Msned Val,
“Shall we go JB on Saturday?”
She replied,

Discussed on the places we wanted to go and off we went to JB!
Ya, I shouldn't be that excited when I mentioned going to JB but it's me and my dear boy first time driving in to Malaysia. So, its alittle scary cum excited feeling for the both of us! At least, Brian (Val’s bf) drove to Muar before! But.. he never stopped-over at JB before thou. So thats consider first time for him as well? Hee.
Anyway, we’re super beware of the road conditions while driving to City Square. Luckily with the help of GPS, we managed to get to City Square & Giant Leisure Mall (thou there’s some mis-turnings in btw). *I have no regret buying this toy as it helped us in getting to places successfully.haha!*

Initally, we planned to have our dinner at a Seafood Restaurant. You know,something like Taman Sentosa? We tried to key in “Taman Sentosa” but GPS showed nothing. -_- Well, thats one bad pt for GPS. You need the exact address for some places. Example, you keyed in “Vivo City”, it worked. But Taman Sentosa, it cant work. Duhz.
Since it’s our first time driving in to JB and we dared not roam around, so we just settled our dinner at City Square. Next time, we shall google for some seafood restaurants address before driving in. Hee.

Anyway, it’s an exciting experience. Now, my dear boy is super “Gian” to drive in to JB. He said, he could drive in anytime to pump petrol & last night (after dinner with his friends), he even asked them if they wanna go in and pump petrol for the cars?! It was then 11pm. All his friends gave him a -_- looks. Lol.


Watched Harry Potter on the weekend and it was such a disappointment. Guess what, I slept in the middle of the show and him, slept from the middle to the end of the show. Duhz. Luckily, we din go for the Gold Class; else him going to curse like hell.


Die, 1 more month to the another 10km run. And I haven even started training. Duhzz.


4 more days of work! And, I on leave on Friday. Woohooo~~~

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Thursday, July 16, 2009
9:22 AM

Celebrated our anniversary last night instead of the actual day due to his work.

I've craving for Korean BBQ so he brought me to this place at Esplanade called, Jang Shou Korean BBQ.
Verdict of the food: Nice & delicious, especially for the pork meat!

We're served with 10 side dishes before the main course.
These side dishes already filled up 1/3 of our stomach! Alot eh!



BBQ starts! The waitresses helped us with the BBQ.

They sliced the meat before bbq-ing.

Korean Prawn & Tofu soup

Next up is the Chicken Meat.


Lets start eating!!

We're so full that we got off the seats as soon as we finished & paid for the food.
Strolled and enjoyed the breeze before going over to MS for a walk. :)
I was telling him that I wanted to eat something sweet after the dinner. So, before we got home, we dropped by Ji De Chi for desserts. It's located at Liang Seah Street, near Bugis Junction.

He had durian with sago. *Very durian hor!haha!*

And I had mango with sago.

Happily ended the night with a big stomach & me, with a lovely shoe!
Ok, I paid him few dollars to break the shoe curse! HAHA.

*Love ya my dear* :)

heart by XIU

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
10:24 AM


Look as if, it is his 2 years old birthday.haha!

heart by XIU